Nam Duniya Nam Style

Nam Duniya Nam Style 2013 Full Movie Kannada Watch Online

Nam Duniya Nam Style is a 2013 Indian Kannada adventure film, directed and produced by Preetham Gubbi.[1] It stars Vinayak Joshi, Krishna Nagappa, Likith Shetty, Sonia Gowda, Milana Nagaraj, Kavya Shetty.[2] The film is “about three people who hail from different backgrounds and who have been friends for 15 years. The trio are a jovial and fun-loving lot, and are excited about their first travel abroad together” sais Preetham who admitted he was inspired by the Hindi film Dil Chahta Hai.[3] H C Venu is the cinematographer while Shaan Rahman composed the music for the Nam Duniya Nam Stylevie. The film was extensively shot in Karnataka, Kashmir andMalaysia. (IMDB)

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